7 Tactics Hotels & Restaurants Are Using To Stay One Step Ahead Of The Ordinary

IMG_6776As a PR professional it is important for businesses to remain actively engaged in the media and stay relevant with the public. A leading trend in PR is the integration of technology and communication. From applications on smart phones and tablets to social media, hotels and restaurants utilize tablets, specifically the Apple iPad, to showcase the experiences they offer through their services. I found a blog post on KWE Partners that lists 10 innovative iPad uses by hotels and restaurants.

Referring to the specific list on the KWE Partners website, here is an abbreviated list of the tactics I learned that hotels and restaurants are using to get a step into the future:

  • Restaurants use iPads as menus
    • Guests order menu items on an iPad exactly the way they want it, avoiding miscommunication with their server.
  • Hotels give guests iPads as a travel guide during the duration of their stay
    • The iPad is a traveling hotel concierge but with more information and recommendations. This benefits hotel guests because if they’re in a foreign country, a language barrier with a concierge is not as substantial to understanding information.
  • Supply iPads to hotel concierges
    • Concierges with iPads have access to more resources, which increases quality of customer service. In return hotel management have less pressure to train its concierges to know the ins-and-outs of the area.
  • Hotels display a livestream of social media pages in lobbies
    • This tactic boosts hotels’ social media presence by showing guests they can ask the hotel any questions on social media, like Twitter and Facebook, which is answered and shown on television screens that helps other guests who have the same questions.
  • Wineries use iPad to recommend wine for customers instead of a sommelier
    • This method allows customers to browse recommendations specific to their taste and at their own pace.
  • RezBook is a free iPad app that allows iPad users to view table layouts and make reservations
    • In addition to restaurants ability to market their businesses to a larger range of customers, the app also allows users to request certain seating arrangements and indicate any allergies prior to their dining experience.
  • Hotels supply iPad in each room for guests’ hotel preferences such as ordering room service, wake-up calls, spa appointment and printing boarding passes
    • Instead of hotel guests sitting on the phone and waiting for an employee to pick up the call, the iPad is a faster and more efficient method for hotel guests to request services to hotels.



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