Why mentorship programs are necessary for your PR career


Whether you’re an undergraduate student or have recently graduated, a mentorship program can be the most beneficial and helpful tool for your career in the public relations industry. Having a mentor is the opportunity to gain knowledge, insight, skills and contacts. How could you be opposed to that? Having a mentor is a unique experience that leading professionals in the industry highly recommend. A mentor can clarify any questions you have, help establish your goals and develop critical thinking skills For undergraduates: having a mentor is great for learning the basics of your industry and whether you even find yourself in your mentor’s position in the future. For college graduates: being a mentee is a great way to get your foot in the door. For anyone, a mentorship program is ultimately a golden ticket to excel in your career.

Finding the best mentor for you should be a well thought out process, especially considering that you will be spending a great amount of time with them. You should consider the profession/position they are and the type of business they work for in addition to other aspects that you look for in the career you are hoping to pursue. On the PRSA website I found an article by Stephanie Vermillion called, The 3 ideal Types of PR Mentors, and how to find yours, that I find helpful. Vermillion suggests that you should experience not only one, but three mentors. Here are the three ideal mentor’s she suggests:

  1. The mentor from afar: choose a mentor online. Find a blog you finding interesting and follow it. Take notes on their writing style, blog posts, and followers to learn. Follow all their channels, comment on posts, share content, retweet, etc.
  2. The supervisor mentor: this is the mentor we mostly associate what a mentor is. Find an influencial, important, and experienced person in your company that you admire and think you can learn from. Learn the ins-and-outs of their job.
  3. The younger mentor: this is mainly applicable for someone older in the company, which shows that mentors are not only for young professionals trying to learn. No matter what age you are, there’s always room for growth. Find someone who is younger than you and learn new ways of thinking in addition to knowing how to stay relevant with new PR trends that you might not have yet been exposed to.

Mentors are a staple in the PR profession as they push you beyond your limits, expose you to new ways of thinking and guide you on your career path. When you multiply those benefits by three, your future will be limitless, your thinking will be unconventional and your road to success will be exhilarating.

–Stephanie Vermillion, Senior Account Executive at Wordsworth Communications, PRSA


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