The basics of crisis communications

crisisSMALLEvery business’ biggest fear is for something to completely back-fire and fail. Remember that one saying, “expect the unexpected”? That saying is definitely a tool used in crisis communications. Crisis management in every company is an important aspect because let’s face it, nothing goes one hundred percent smoothly every single time. To understand the ABC’s of crisis management in public relations, I found an article by Jonathan Bernstein on the website, Bernstein Crisis Management, where he has listed the 10 Steps to Crisis Communications. I have to decided to share Bernstein’s 10 steps because I found this article a helpful tool to learn the basics of crisis management.

  1. Anticipate crises
  2. Identify your crisis communications team
  3. Identify and train spokespersons
  4. spokesperson training
  5. Establish notification and monitoring systems
  6. Identify and know your stakeholders
  7. Develop holding statements
  8. Assess the crisis situation
  9. Finalize and adapt key messages
  10. Post-crisis analysis



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