PR professionals explore the benefits of Pinterest

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 10.51.12 PMFrom DIY projects and fitness motivation to wedding planning inspiration and recipes to deliciously pictured food, Pinterest is a social media site used for people to create digital scrapbooks. Commonly thought of a social media site primarily used for personal enjoyment, Pinterest has flourished into a platform for businesses to market/advertise themselves for free. According to Turn PR Pinterest might just be the most powerful pitching tool for PR professionals to take advantage of. Pinterest is great for pitching because: the boards offer an efficient method for categorization, easy access to visuals (photos and videos), and inspiration from competition to create content that gives businesses an edge. “While Twitter might be a great way to connect with and get to know journalists’ interests and Facebook a place to share clips, Pinterest is an effective tool to “show, not tell” the media your ideas,” said Turner PR’s April Ingle.

While browsing Pinterest, I found a pin linked to Shell Robshaw-Bryan’s article on Social Media Today‘s website that offers tips for businesses to consider. Here are a few tips listed I found noteworthy:

  • Give each board an informative name and make sure you include a compelling, keyword focused board description.
  • Optimise all the images that you upload (make sure the file names contain descriptive keywords). Once uploaded, edit your pin to include a link back to the original source or related content on your website.
  • Keep the width of images to around 540 pixels and take advantage of the no vertical size constraint.  Narrow, long pins are much more eye catching than short images.
  • Don’t forget to include calls to action on your boards and in pin descriptions
  • Make sure to add the Pinterest share button to all of your product and content pages on your website and blog.

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